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  • 公司介绍/Company introduction
         Guangzhou Loyol Animation Technology Co.,Ltd (www.cestriahouse.com), founded in 2013, is a value driven company who is specialized in children amusement products, engaging in research and development(R&D), production, sales, chain investment (responsible for operating the entire value chain, from product strategy, research and development to production, distribution and service).
         In the beginning of company established, loyol had taken charge of sample design of game company. We didn’t have any other business. But, depend on the foresight of four young people, loyol began to expand business in many fields. Loyol has began to developed at that time. In two years, Loyol has taken shape. So far, we have 70 employees and develop the industrial chain of research and development(R&D), production and sales. Our company has moved to Intertech hotel-Shiqiao in Panyu and has our own design department, sales department, exhibition hall and 2000㎡ factory.
         Guangzhou Loyol is a young company, all of us have confidence and enthusiasm for creating a healthier and better life for children. 90% of our employees are the generation after 80s or 90s, half are undergraduates. Wehave good working atmosphere and vitality. Guangzhou Loyol enjoys challenging and exploring, it always learns from others and adds owns creativities. Loyol insists a Operation Philosophy of “A man without has, the human has me newer than others”. Loyol has 112 patents in total, the products update fast and the company becomes bigger and stronger. All our products show the concept that “we struggle for building healthy and happy life for kids”. Loyol will improve the values of products constantly, in addition, we will design more products which are unique and high-tech. We sell not only products, the more important is an art, a kind of mood, a kind of love and a kind of service attitude, customers will experience a sincere and thoughtful service. As long as you need, we will provide services.
         Guangzhou Loyol has a comfortable and relaxed work atmosphere. Company focuses on team building and equality, we get on very well as friends, we have the same dream and work for the same objective. We hope each child can enjoy a happy childhood and grow up healthily and happily. All our products made from the kid's perspective. Though the road may long, far and difficult, we are still full of confidence. Hope the Loyol and you will be better and better!
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